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SOAR Program

At Killybrooke School, we are fortunate to have an academic support team of credentialed teachers and instructional assistants to support our students. This team supports our “No Excuses University” model which is a schoolwide commitment that every child will be proficient in reading, writing, and math.  One of the ways we monitor progress toward meeting this goal is through the continual use of assessments that guide next steps in instruction.  Based on recent assessments, students are recommended to participate in the SOAR Program to receive small group instruction in Reading, Math, or English Language Development.

The SOAR Program provides small group support with credentialed teachers.   This instruction will take place during the school day and will not interfere with core instruction. In some instances, the teacher will push into the classroom for simultaneous differentiation. In instances where space is not available, SOAR groupings may take place in our reading room. Students who make the most progress academically with SOAR support are the students that participate consistently and show their best effort.  All students in these small groups are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior and maintain good attendance (health permitting) so that every student in the group receives the maximum benefit of this supplemental resource at Killybrooke.

This incredible team also works to host our annual Family Literacy Night. Pictures from Family Literacy Night 2023 are included below. We are grateful for their efforts and coordination.

If you have any questions, please ask your child’s classroom teacher or contact Ms. Sosa at or (714) 424-7945. We are excited to see the impact of our collaborative efforts on our students. 


Students at family literacy night.

Families at Family Literacy Night
Library present at FLN.
Students at family literacy night.

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