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District Calendars

For school calendars and student holidays please visit the NMUSD calendars website.

Bell Schedule



8:35-10:30am Instruction

10:30-10:57am Morning Recess* 

(*Morning recess begins at 10:31am on Wednesdays)

10:57am-12:35pm Instruction

12:35-1:15pm Lunch

1:15-3:05pm Instruction

(Wednesday – 1:35pm Dismissal)

First and Second Grade

8:35-10:35am Instruction

10:35-10:55am Morning Recess

10:55-11:55am Instruction

11:55am-12:35pm Lunch

12:35-1:48pm Instruction

1:48-2:00pm Afternoon Recess (Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays)

2:00-3:05pm Instruction

(Wednesday – 1:35pm Dismissal)

Third Grade

8:35-10:36am Instruction

10:36-10:55am Morning Recess*

(*Morning recess begins at 10:35am on Wednesdays)

10:55-11:55am Instruction

11:55am-12:35 pm Lunch

12:35-3:05pm Instruction

(Wednesday – 1:35pm Dismissal)

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade

8:35-10:37am Instruction

10:437-10:55am Morning Recess

10:55am-12:40pm Instruction*

(*Instruction until 12:45pm on Wednesdays)

12:40-1:15pm Lunch*

(*Lunch begins at 12:45pm on Wednesdays)

1:15-3:05pm Instruction

(Wednesday – 1:35pm Dismissal)

Preschool (Ms. Marrone)

8:15-11:15am Morning Session

12:00-3:00pm Afternoon Session